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Arogya Sakhi - Community Health Project

Project Status

Sudarshan Chemical (Sudha Foundation)

Roha, Raigad

Project Description

There is a thought in English “After a dark tunnel, there is a light” the same situation is going on in Killa Adivasi wadi. No one in the community was well aware about importance of immunization; they had some kind of fear and some issues about immunization, as well as some kind of superstitions about immunizations. It was one of the challenges in front of the project team. But the team accepted this as an opportunity for bigger change in the community. They have conducted regular meetings with such families those are not aware with importance of immunization and not completed immunizations of their babies. Arogyasakhi, field Officer and field coordinator continuously motivated these families.
Project team interacted with such families and come to know that parents were denying immunization because they were afraid of fever child get quick after vaccination. Project team took efforts to change the mindset of three families of Adivasiwadi those were continuously denying for the immunization to their children’s. Arogyasakhi tried to make them relax and they kept these families under regular surveillance; they enabled and increased their courage during the phase of fever and when their child’s were continuously crying. After two days of vaccination, fever completely reduced and child started enjoying as usual.
E.g. Mr. Waman father of Ishani Waman Jadhav (age 11 months) working as manual labour. He has two children including Ishani. He was afraid of fever and harsh crying of child due to vaccination. He was continuously avoiding for Ishani’s immunization. The home visit of Arogyasakhi and field level staff motivated his family head for immunization. It took little time to change his mind set. Finally they agreed for taking remaining vaccines. Now days, the family head is working with project team and taking participation in all activities under the project. He motivates other villagers for increasing their participation in all developmental activities of SCIL-KInSS at Killa Adivasi wadi.

Project Details

Mr. Waman father of Ishani Waman Jadhav (age 11 months)

Property Details

Property Location

Roha, Raigad

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