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Arogya Sakhi Program - ANC and PNC Care and Overall Women's Health

Completed Project

Mazagoan Shipbuilders, Mumbai.

Kharade Grampanchayat, Shahapur Block, District Thane.

Project Description

Name : Kalpana Sanjay Powar (Ante Natal Care)
Subject: Deficiency of Haemoglobin and weight loss

Family Status: The family members include Wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister and sons.
All the members are either labourers or in business of electrical appliances.

Beneficiary’s problem: Patient Kalpana Powar aged 25 years is a mother who has deficiency of Haemoglobin and her child is also suffering from low -weight

Service Provided to Beneficiary: The Pregnant mother Kalpana Sanjay Powar, 25 years was taken for a check-up to the PHC hospital where her HB was only 8 grams. As she was working as a construction labourer, she registered very late which led to drop in her haemoglobin. So, she was given an iron-sucrose injection via the saline along with blood. She was taken 4 time sto PHC for the check-up, after which she started feeling better. She was still feeling weak as she couldn’t stand which could have been avoided if she would have been taken to PHC earlier.

Conclusion: The pregnant mother was kept at home for a month and was taken to PHC 4 times and was given iron-sucrose injection.
Due to severe pain she was taken to Shahapur, where she delivered a kid of 1.7 kg which is very low weight. The kid was admitted to a civil hospital where after a few days the kid was discharged as he grew to 2.2 kg. The mother was advised about post delivery process to keep both of them healthy like proper diet, breastfeeding etc. After 5 months when Arogya Sakhi visited her, the child was 3.7 kg.

1. Manisha Naresh Mukane, 19 Year
She had low HB ANC
Arogyasakhi told about this woman financial condition is not good and her HB is low. Local PHC ANM requested MDL-Kinss to help us increase HB and you help her medication. We took information about that medicine from ANM and she was brought in and her sonography was done by the MDL- Kinss.

2. Kanchan Eknath Kirpan
Stomach pain & heavy discharge
Her EDD was close and suddenly pain started in her stomach with water discharge. Aarogysakhi was called and took her to the Rural hospital, Shahapur. By the time she reached hospital her condition became critical and doctor asked to take her to Thane Civil hospital. The ambulance was parked at hospital but driver was not available. Aarogysakhi talked to doctor and somehow they arranged driver. Aarogysakhi went along with her, she received treatment and delivered healthy child.

3. Monika Kashinath Bondre
She had swelling pain in her legs ANC
It was her first preganancy. Her HB levels were normal, but during the last two months of her pregnancy, she experienced swelling pain in her legs. She experienced severe pelvic pain, so arogsakhi took her to PHC at Dolkhab But doctors advised to take her to Shahapur hospital. She was taken for a check-up after which a caesarean procedure was suggested. Her relatives were informed of the same. She was taken to the operation theatre and delivered baby with low weight. Currently the baby weighs is 4.5 kg .The mother and child are both stable now.

Project Details

Age: 25 years

Property Details

Property Location

Kharade Grampanchayat, Shahapur Block, District Thane.

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