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M. Phil in Social Work

The Institute conducts the M.Phil degree programme in Social Work of the University of Pune.
At present the M.Phil degree is not a pre-requisite for obtaining the Ph.D degree. However it may be a desirable condition for some scholars for strengthening their base in Research Methodology by completing M.Phil first and then going ahead with he Doctoral studies. In addition to this MPhil may be a desirable qualification for some opportunities and posts like those of Extension Officers and Co- ordinators of research and training departments.The M Phil programme in Social Work will be conducted by the Institute only if a minimum of five candidates register for the programme.

Eligibility for Registration for the M.Phil degree in Social Work:

The candidate must have successfully completed the training and obtained the Master of Social Work ( MSW ) degree from a recognized University. The medium of instruction and oral and written expression for the M.Phil degree programme is ENGLISH.

Admission Procedure

Please contact office for current admission process.

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