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Village Development Project, Mandede


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Mandede, Mulshi Tahsil, Pune Dist. 
Thakursai village map-page-001.jpg
Thakursai, Maval Tahsil, Pune Dist. 

Water conservation: (Construction of Check weir at existing water stream at Mandede)

  • The groundwater level of 3 wells increased by 2-3 feet during the Feb- May 2020. 

  • Reduced the drudgery of women for drinking water during the summer season.

  • 4 farmers in the periphery got enough groundwater recharge through percolation.

Organic farming: 

  • 14 Farmers got an average 28% saving on investment as they adopted organic farming practices.

  • Farmers moving towards total organic farming.

Environment and waste management: (Installation of Kitchen waste management system at household)

  • 107 households started kitchen wet waste management from Nov 2018.

  • Till date nearly about 3 tons of wet waste was treated at household level.

  • Compost / manure generated from processed wet waste is used for agriculture and kitchen garden

Women empowerment and skill development: 

  • Total 15 females from SHG were trained for stitching, that helped them for income generation through selling cloth made carry bags and Godhadi.

Quality Education: 

  • Overall 7.53% increase in the performance of the students due to efforts taken for Quality education program- 

  • E-learning set-up installation was done at the village.

  • Life skill training, study skill development session, teachers training, sport equipment and Science library for 8th to 10th class was provided & developed.


  • Yearly health check up camp. 

  • Referral services were provided to the needy.

  • Through referral services, 11 needy patients were covered for cataract surgeries from Mandede village.

Employee Engagement:

  • 37 Employees contributed efforts of 148 Hrs-  for paddy cultivation at Mandede which produced approximately 6-7 quintals of rice.  farmers saved near about 20,000/- labour charges.  

  • Students of PGDCSR, KINSS and employees from SLK Global solution pvt ltd contributed efforts for construction of Vanrai Bandhara at Mandede which stored 1,95,000 litre water for cattles.

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