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Women's Empowerment and Livelihood Project - Newspaper Bags Making Group

Ongoing Project

Sudarshan Chemical (Sudha Foundation)

Mahadevwadi, Roha, Raigad

Project Description

Name: Tejeshwini Sutar
Place: Mhadeovwadi (Vasi)
Monthly income: Rs. 3,000.00

This success story is about a representation of the group efforts of women engaged in paper bag making unit from Mahadevwadi. The financial situation of Tejeshwinin Tai was just as unfortunate. Due to high living cost the members of the family found helpless to complete their daily needs. Tejeshwini found difficulties in balancing income and expenditure of the family. She decided to do something for the family, but found herself unable due to lack of skills. Under such circumstances, She approached with her group members to the project personnel. The group has been trained in bag making unde the team of Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd and Karve Social Service Institute, Pune. She got training in July 2018, after which she opened the way for employment. Currently she earns Rs. 3000 per month.
She also got an opportunity to represent the group of 34 women. Like Tejashwini tai there 34 women who are engaged with paper bag making unit.
Till now, the financial turnover of their group has gone up to Rs 1,52,090 / - and the women in the group, excluding other expenses, have earned a profit of Rs 76,758. At present, women in the group are getting good opportunity and the income is also increasing.

Project Details

Self Help Group of 34 Women's
Mahadevwadi, Roha, Raigad

Property Details

Property Location

Mahadevwadi, Roha, Raigad

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