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Livelihood Project - Urja a group of women, as driving force towards development of village

Completed Project

Mazagoan Shipbuilders, Mumbai.

Kharade Grampanchayat, Shahapur Block, District Thane.

Project Description

“Urja” is a Self help group initiated under the Quilt making project which is now building examples of collectivism, setting inspiration & representing as the driving force for the development of village. This group has total 15 members from two hamlets of Kharade grampanchayat, Shahapur.
It was initiated in 2016 by forming a group of women willing to start some self initiative and brings out change in their own lives. The group of 15 was taken to Jalgoan for the training of making market oriented quilt which was their first step out of their village almost 200 KM away and then journey began. The journey now made their footprints in US & France with their “Godhadi”.
The beginning, as usual was not so easy and many more hurdles they have faced at their own family level. “They used to tell us that nothing will happen as you all are women but since when we appeared on TV, no one even dare to talk in front of us”, shared by Mrs.Sunita Padval from Padval Pada.
The group was supported with seed money for the production of 100 quilts where the number reached upto 1900 in last two years and made turnover upto Rs.7,78,000/-. They are starting production of supplementary products such as pillow cover, patch work bed sheets & Cloth bags.
The whole group is now taking responsibility to upgrade their business to make income opportunities for other women in villages where till date more 45 women are attached with the project. This is the motivation now they are giving to all villagers about taking responsibility for other women too. The confidence and leadership of women is now heading the volunteerism at the village and started taking responsibilities at community level as well. Drinking water issues at the Padval pada was intervened by the women and now they are operating the whole water supply scheme in their village. Urja women have taken the lead in almost all collective actions such as Swach Goan Abhiyan, Vanrai Bandhara Constructions, ISO School preparations etc. This year they also organized a community based program for other women in their village. This is the first time they actually experienced doing planning & organizing process for an event.
4th April 2018 Urja completed 2 yrs and they organized a grant event and cut the cake. Mrs. Padma Rikame expressed, “It’s the first time we are experiencing what it feels like cutting the cake”
Urja Group is now on the path up-scaling their enterprise and aiming to target more & more market. is under construction where soon Urja Quilts will be seen by the world & they will start taking orders globally.

Project Details

Self Help Group - 20 Katkari women's established Quilt Making Group

Property Details

Property Location

Kharade Grampanchayat, Shahapur Block, District Thane.

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