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Livelihood Project - Rediance LED bulb making group

Project Completed

Sudarshan Chemical ( Sudha Foundation) Roha, Raigad

Mahadeowadi (Vasi garampanchayat), Roha Raighad.

Project Description

We are very happy to share that prestigious ISO certification has been received by our livelihood project of ‘Radiance Bulb’, a LED Bulb making project of Mahadeowadi, Roha on 1st June 2019. This certificate is the symbol of recognition for the hard work the group did to bring a sustainable change. This beautiful journey of 2 years started from the scratch where the young men of the community were looking for opportunities to earn for their livelihood, to make a quality product which is no less than LED bulbs produced in a proficient manufacturing unit. This is just one of the milestone achieved by ‘Radiance Bulb’. We know that this certification has opened up new horizons for the ‘Radiance Bulb’ group of Mhadeowadi, Roha.
Now this group has been started manufacturing and marketing LED bulbs. Under the Ideal village development project we have provided three trainings on manufacturing of LED bulbs and also organized exposure visit to Mahagoa,Pali block in Righad.
We anticipate that this Group becomes a ray of hope for the upliftment of youth in rural parts of India and becomes a sustainable growth model for the communities.

Name of the Activity : LED bulb Project (Raigad Radiance LED Group- Mahadev Wadi)
1. No of training inputs received - 4 (133 %)
Overall Impact : Youth’s became technically strong with fundamental knowledge of LED bulb making and are taking self initiatives for marketing. (LED bulb & Street light making, Marketing training, Excel training, Charging bulb)

2. Increased employability of youth - 8 (100 %)
Overall Impact : Total 8 active members are engaged in the LED bulb units development.
Increase in net profit - 75 %

Total sale – Rs. 1,58,640/-

Total own investment – Rs. 70,000/-

Net Profit – Rs. 61,750/- (6 Months)

Project Details

Age Group 22- 35 years

Property Details

Property Location

Mahadeowadi (Vasi garampanchayat), Roha Raighad.

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