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Mahadevwadi – “Villagers are towards Converting Wet Waste into Organic compost”

Completed Project

Sudarshan Chemical (Sudha Foundation)

Mahadevwadi & Vashi Grampanchayat, Roha Block District Raigad.

Project Description

Karve Institute of Social Service,Pune firmly believes that an Integrated and Decentralized Waste Management is the key to manage the growing waste in a sustainable manner. The approach used in developing and implementing the Decentralized Waste Management is based on the foundation of four major factors: Governance, Systems, Outreach and Technology.
The Decentralized Waste Management Project through Composter Planters at Mahadeowadi, Roha has been implemented for a period of 8 months August 2019 – March 2019. Total 72 Families of Mahadevwadi & 79 Families of Navin Vasahat from Vashi Grampanchayat.
We trained the people to oversee the maintenance of the CPs installed in the village. They were also provided with the microbial decomposition cultures IVEM and DC along with a set of tools required to operate the CP. Under the project, we also trained people on how to use microbial cultures and how to use the tools.
People are de- composting Kitchen waste at their house by using De-compost planter. Through the compost planter, wet waste is converted into Organic fertilizer. Today 70 % people are using the organic fertilizer which is converted by the compostr planert project into organic fertilizer are using by the peole for tree nurturing & kitchen gardens.

Aanant Shankar Jangam is one our compost Planter Beneficiary, he shared his success story with us during monitoring visit. He no longer have to throw the wet waste of my house on the road; He now have a CP drum in his house. The problem of mosquitoes and smell because of waste being thrown on the road has reduced. He deaily use the compost planter for wet waste disposal. In 8 months he got 13-15 KG organic compost from compost planter. He used all organic compost for fruit trees, Flower & Decorative plants and kitchen garden. Due to the use of organic fertilizer, good quality of vegetable was obtained
He was worried about the compost planter, that how it will work?, does the earthworms will alive in Planter? Etc. likwise questions he was having. But after the training and guidance from Ideal village development project. Today all his kitchen waste goes in to compost planter and he also suggesting other villagers to do it. Becouse of his slef inititative his neighbors are started doing the same. He is very happy to use compost planter for disposal wet waste. He also thanks to sudarshan chemical industries limited,Roha and karve Institute of Social Service,Pune for such great inititative for wet waste management project.

Project Details

Target Population - Total 72 Families of Mahadevwadi & 79 Families of Navin Vasahat from Vashi Grampanchayat.

Property Details

Property Location

Mahadevwadi & Vashi Grampanchayat, Roha Block District Raigad.

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