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Discovered Hope through - Moringa

Completed Project

Sudarshan Chemical (Sudha Foundation)

Roha, Raigad

Project Description

A landless villager from Dhatav Adiwasiwadi, Mr. Vilas Maruti Koli lives with 4 other members of the family. Both husband and wife do manual work to meet the daily need of family. Their day and night efforts is just enough to fulfill two times bread and butter. It is not enough to fulfill other needs of the family such as education of the children. Educating his two children who studies in primary section was bit challenging. As soon he understood the techniques of cultivation of moringa through the trainings provided under the project, he ambitiously took the challenge of cultivating Shavaga on community land owned by Grampanchayat which is on the hill slope. In January 2018 he cultivated 350 moringa plants under the guidance of Ideal Village Development Project.

His remarkable endeavor for the survival of trees is extraordinary, as cultivation on dry land of hill slope is very difficult. He also sincerely followed all the instructions specified by the project team like timely watering, periodic dose of organic fertilizers and pesticides. He guarded all the plants as they were his own children. He spent additional Rs.5000 for the growth and protection of plants from his accumulated capital. His produce of Shavega were used by him and his neighbor which added up to nutritional value of his daily food intake. After personal consumption he made a net profit of Rs. 1200 and Rs.2000 from phase 1 and phase 2 of 60 day each. He produced 20kgs in phase 1 and 25kgs in phase 2. His hard work played a key role in his achievements nevertheless even the Project team played a vital role in his achievements by providing regular guidance and supervision.

This small start contributed to his income and also to nutrition value of his food intake. This diminutive act of hard work has brought strong satisfaction and hope for Mr. Vilas Maruti Koli. It also motivated others in the community about intake of such nutritious vegetables in their daily food habits.

Project Details

Name: Vilas Maruti Koli
Number of Moringa (Shevaga) trees given: 350
Survival trees: 305
Income: Rs.3,200.00

Property Details

Property Location

Roha, Raigad

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