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Academic Development Opportunity - Vaibhav Harne

Completed Project

Mazagoan Shipbuilders, Mumbai.

Kharade Grampanchayat, Shahapur Block, Thane District.

Project Description

Vaibhav Pandurang Harne, of Changyachapada is a student of class VI A at Bhonsala Military School, Nagpur. He is one of the ten students whose education is sponsored by Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited. Mumbai Overcoming financial hardships, the poor quality of schools and irregularity of teachers at the neighbouring schools, Vaibhav has now scored 91.67% in his first unit test.
Vaibhav completed his primary education from Shenve and then after from Primary School, Changyachapada. His mother is a housemaker and father is a 40 years old farmer who has completed his senior secondary education from Shenve Junior College. There are eleven members in the family including Gaurav, a 11 year old younger brother of Vaibhav.
His father Mr. Pandurang Harne is very happy with the positive change in the Vaibhav, regardless of having no contact with Vaibhav when he is at the school. he said that firstly it was difficult for him to send Vaibhav that far but after being convinced by the MDL employees and the positive change happened in Vaibhav i.e. now he is most fluent in English, he also know new games and have positive intent towards the things, now he advice parents to send their kids to Bhonsala Military School even if they do not get sponsored.
His father will be very proud if Vaibhav will serve the country as an Army officer but other options are also open for him, the only piece of advice he has for Vaibhav that he should never learn to lie, should study well, not waste his time and always share his problems with teachers.
His father wants him to do better in studies and complete his education through CBSE as the top two students of every class get opportunity to pursue their education through CBSE board.

Project Details

Age: 12 years

Property Details

Property Location

Kharade Grampanchayat, Shahapur Block, Thane District.

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