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Block Placements

Block Placements (Internship)

Placement helps the firm to find the right candidate and they don't have to waste time searching for it outside. 3. These placements create a good bond between the company and the college as the next batch will be ready for getting recruited and the company will also have new open positions for the students.

As well as allowing students to apply subject knowledge and technical skills in a professional environment, placements also provide a helpful insight into organisational discourse, culture, professional socialisation, applied skills and working relationships. 

Young Student
Female Student
Student in Library

Job Opportunities and Listings

Type of placements @ KINSS

The Job Placement Cell is one of the important activities of the Institute. Every year the Placement Cell receives correspondence for vacancies from various organisation from all over India. The Campus Interviews are organised in the 4th term every year. The Cell also takes in the registration of students from other social work colleges and informs them accordingly. In the last academic year we received 50-60 vacancies and all our students are currently employed in various NGOs, Hospitals, Communities and Industries. Every year the cell publish Placement Brochure

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