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Dr. Chitra S Rajuskar

Dr. Chitra S Rajuskar

Associate Professor, 

Email ID :

Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune

18, Hill side, Karve Nagar, Pune 52.

Associate Professor

 Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune 18, Hill side, Karve Nagar, Pune 52


B.Sc., B.A. (Public Administration) MSW (LWPM/IR), M. Phil (social work), NET and SET, Ph. D (Social work)

Teaching Experience

 Since 1996 at KInSS. Twenty four (24) years teaching experience; MSW and M.Phil.

Responsibilities : Subject Taught

Trade Union and Industrial relation; Industrial Sociology; Personnel Procedure, Practices and labor Administration; Problems of Community Health and Environmental Hygiene; Methods of Social Work  (Working with Individual family and Groups); Social Education; Fundamentals of Management;  

Employee welfare, Organizational Behavior; Disaster Management, Psychology for social workers.  Social Group work method. 

Area of Specialization

Human Resource Management

Key Areas of Expertise

1. Research 

2. Capacity Building Training Programme 

3. Training and Evaluation

Honorary Position held

  1. Honorary Director at Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune – Family Counseling Center.

  2. Officiating Principal at Dr. Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha (M.S.) 

  3. Referee for Ph. D evaluation of thesis at RTM, Nagpur University, Nagpur & TATA  Institute of Social Services, Mumbai.

  4. Organized and coordinated 15 workshops seminar for HR dept. at KInSS, Pune.

  5. External committee member for POSH in Manufacturing Industry –Automobile and Consultancy

  6. Jury For The “Excellence NGO Award 2015” 

  7. Invited as a Subject Expert in NGO and Industry

Responsibilities : Co-ordinated at Institute level

  1. Field work Coordination (various NGO/GO/Industries/Hospitals)

  2. Study tour Coordination: Of Family and Child Welfare Dept. Medical and Psychiatric Dept., HRM Dept., Urban and rural community dept.

  3. A.O.V Coordination: HRM Dept.

  4. M.Phil. Prog. Coordination

  5. M.Phil guide

  6. Ph.D. Prog. Coordination

  7. Ph.D. guide

  8. MSW Admission Coordination

  9. Skill lab Coordinator, since 2019

  10. Individual Guidance For Students Coordination

  11. Examiner, Expert, Panel Member

  12. Local Managing committee member (LMC)

  13. Manthan Foundation- Advisor

M.Phil. Research

A study of workings conditions and Stress Management in Manufacturing Industries, Pune

Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) 2013

A study of Developing and implementing strategy for Training and Evaluation System, Pune.

 Academic interest

Social Psychology

Industrial Relation, Urban and Rural Community Development, Disaster Management .Research work, Capacity building training program for Legal awareness- .Unorganised Sector and POSH

Research Work

  1. MSRTC Project – Baseline Achievement Survey( SSA) Chandrapur Dist. (M.S.)

  2. Absenteeism in KOEL, Pune 

  3. Project – Issues of old age people- Belfast & KInSS, Pune.

Paper Published in National and International conferences and Journals

  1. Interface between social work institute and industry for strategic HR, 2004

  2. The Role of Youth In Disaster Management, Sept 2011

  3. Workers in Unorganized sector; Problems and Prospectus, November 2012

  4. Human Resource Management in Textile Industry, its impact on Employee Retention., International Journal of Business Management & Social Science December 2012

  5. E-Learning for Adult in Unorganized Sector, December 2012

  6. Lean Philosophy and Management Behavior, January 2013

  7. Interface between Social work Institute and Industry for strategic HR.

  8. HRM for Managing diversity.

  9. Women Development and Realities

  10. Promotion of Innovativeness in students, February 2013 (Journal – An International peer-reviewed scholarly research journal)

  11. CSR role in environmental education, February 2015

  12. Corporate social responsibility in Health care, February 2015

  13. A case study of Chetna Mahila Vikas Kendra, Pune for women empowerment, 2016

  14. Innovative Teaching-Learning Environment in social work Education, Mumbai

  15. SOS Children’s Village- Next to Home, 2017-18

  16. Study of educational situation of tribal girls living in government hostels, Pune city, 2017

  17. Drug Abuse Prevention: Intervention plan for Industrial workers, Feb. 2018

  18. Girls’ education in migrant families- Social problem, 2018

  19. International comparison of 5S and its effect on Waste Management, December 2019

  20. Urban community behavior towards Waste Management, December 2019

  21. Working class of India and Anna Bhau Sathe, December 2019

  22. A study of contribution of Training and Skill Development program in Employability, Nov. 2019.

  23. Life Management Skills for Volunteers working in Disaster Management, Feb. 2020

  24. Impact of globalization on Nomadic and Denotified Tribes: Evidence from State of Maharashtra, Feb. 2020, Mumbai University

  25. Industrialization in Maharashtra: challenges and opportunities, Feb. 2020

  26. Relevance of Gandhian Principles to deal with the social and economic crisis of India, 2020

  27. Safety Environment in Manufacturing Industry ( March-2020)

  28. Essential Approach to Social Group Work method in Pandemic Crisis; special reference to observations and feedback, June 2020, International Webinar- Application of Social Work Methods in Pandemic Crisis

  29. Article Published in State level ( Marathi) News Paper: Sakal - on Adaptation of visually impaired in pandemic crises dt- 10th June 2020

  30. Vishesh Ruturang (in Marathi)published 2016, Book for Special school

Book Published


Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Samata Puraskar  

Dhyas Foudation Puraskar 

Life Membership –MASWE 


  1. Participation in state level seminar New trends in Educational Research-research scope of  practice,Feb.2011 

  2. Conference on CSR- sustainable Development issues and challenges, organized by KINSS &KIBI  University JAPAN in collaboration with MCCIA & CSR Pune ,December 2011 

  3. Participant in seminar on API : Academic Performance Indicators- Tool of Quality Sustenance for  social work college Teachers Of Pune, Jan 2012 at Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune

  4. Participation in training programme organized by Bharati Vidhyapeeth Deemed  University(BVDU) ,Pune and Western Regional Centre, ICSSR, Mumbai, March 2012, Assurance  in Social Work Education in Maharashtra organized by KINSS and MASWE, March 2012

  5. Bloomberg UTV serial on Women Has no place in India, 2012 

  6. State Level Seminar on Innovative Approaches and Best Practices for Quality  

  7. Participation in National Level seminar on social work: The profession and its contribution towards  Nation Building organized by MASWE, NOV. 2014 

  8. Capacity building training programme of women managers in Higher Education ,March  2015;organized by Tata Institute of social science, Mumbai 

  9. Participation in state level seminar on CSR issues and challenges on 2nd March 2015 at Nashik,  Maharashtra. 

  10. UK & Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune- Queen’s University visit : Lecture on Unorganized  workers issues and challenges, August 2014 

  11. Participation in Regional conference on Reflections from exclusion to inclusion: issues, efforts  challenges and the road ahead ,2013 KINSS & Tech Mahindra Foundation 

  12. International conference on social work education in the contemporary world; Issues challenges;  January 2013, Pune

  13. Chairperson for paper presentation schedule, International conference jointly conducted by Institute  of Management technology, Nagpur and BAIF development Research Foundation, Pune, on “  Inclusive and sustainable growth” October 2012  

  14. Participated in One Week Online Faculty Development Programme on “Research 360 degrees Comprehensive Research Techniques” organized by the Grand academic Portal(GAP)the  Rabindranath Tagore University-Bhopal and the Bhopal School of social sciences-Bhopal, from 11  May to 17 May 2020 

  15. Participated in the Virtual Faculty Development programme on ”Role of Teachers in Quality  Enhancement and Accreditation” organized by the IQAC, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru from May 11 to 18 May, 2020 

  16. Participant in Two week Online Workshop on ‘ comprehensive e-Learning to e-Training guide for  Administrative Work from May 25 –June 05 , 2020, organised by University of Delhi and  Sponsored by MHRD. 

  17. Participant in 6 days Online FDP on “ Quantitative Analysis using SEM & Qualitative using  NVIVO Software “ supported by TUHH, University of Hamburg ,Germany from 01 st to 06 June,  2020

Dr. Chitra S Rajuskar,

Associate Professor,

Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune

18, Hillside, Karve Nagar, Pune 52.

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