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Center for Corporate Social Responsibility


About us

Recent waves of CSR extend from the traditional emphasis on community involvement to include ‘socially responsible products and services’ and ‘socially responsible employee relations’, or the ‘social sustainability of the business organization’. The CSR rule under the Company Act, 2013 has made it mandatory for Corporates to spend 2% of their profits on social responsibility. The Corporates mostly practices CSR as donations, distribution base, welfare activities or by and large generalist approach modules. The CSR rules made it mandatory for the corporates to contribute to the social sector in a more sustainable manner and design need base projects with great impact. 
Moreover, new forms of CSR are bringing more engaged partnerships for business with local government, local community organizations and more strategic alliances between business and governmental and non-profit organizations. 

We believe in building relationships and for us CSR is Corporate Social Relationship. We exist to build relationships between Corporates and Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Societies & Local Self Governments for the sustainable development through Corporate Social Responsibility.



Build an inclusive and collaborative social ecosystem for social development through CSR


To promote CSR Excellence for sustainable development and edify Corporate, Non-Government, Civil Society and Local Self Government Organizations on CSR dimensions

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Meet The  Leadership Team


Dr. Mahesh Thakur

Director, Center for CSR

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Our Reach

Centre for CSR at Karve Institute is a platform where Corporates and NGOs can network and build partnerships and play a meaningful role in sustainable development of the weaker and underprivileged sections of the society via Social Projects, research, advocacy intervention accordingly. The Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was established in May 2013 by Dr. Mahesh Thakur Hon. Director, Centre for CSR, Karve Institute of Social Service. 

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